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Staged action sports team and individual sports photography by Gordon Bates / Graphing of Photons, in Phoenix, AZ.
OI Softball GB 022219_0088NVG Gingerbread Gymboree GB 120918 0404_0420 ATM AthleteDylan Thorpe OI MTB GB 042318_0021_1Your Name Gym smallEstrella Gymnastics Kylie GB 120217_0273Spinetts Gymnastics GB 043017_0275 EditNorth Valley Gymnastics Angela GB 093017_0270Estrella Gymnastics Kylie GB 120217_0350North Valley Gym T n T Rainer GB 082617 0119_1North Valley Gymnastics Angela 100717_0170North Valley Gymnastics Angela 100717_0145North Valley Gymnastics Angela GB 093017_0473Spinetts Gymnastics GB 042917_0099Gymnastics Demo Image GB 083017Gymnastics Composite Demo Image GB 122717Football Seniors GB 081717_2OI Football GB 081717_0319 Team PhotoOI Football Team Photos GB 082616_0134OI Football Team Photos GB 082616_0204OI JV Volleyball GB 090817_0195