How to download your images:

You can download any or all of your images directly to your device instantly, or if you want to receive a print release, then you will "buy" a $0.00 item, which includes the print release.


How to upload to Instagram from your computer:

This video will show you how to switch your web browser to mobile view, so you can upload to Instagram using your desktop or laptop computer, without installing any apps.

Fun panorama effect to make your athletes into a little planet:

Turn your individual photos into a funny, distorted group panorama! 

Create your own composite from individual images:

Using individual images, this is how you can combine them into a composite, without the need to apply
a mask to each layer. Please feel free to download your images, or those of your team mates', and 
create a unique, custom composite.

Change the color of your lighting:

You can use conditional blending, and the color blend mode in Photoshop to change the color, while
maintaining the texture underneath.

Use Frequency Separation to smooth out skin color:

Smooth out splotchiness and uneven color on skin. Frequency Separation is a technique that has various applications related to color and texture in an image.

Putting together a team photo in Photoshop:

This is a summary of how I assemble a team photo, with a replacement background, and text layered over the image.

Use the Nik Collection and Ps to filter your images:

This is how you can download and use a couple of the programs from the Nik Collection, by Google. The programs I use in this tutorial are Viveza and Color Efex Pro.

Get your backgrounds completely "000000" black, using only Adobe Camera Raw:

This tutorial shows you how to get your backgrounds completely black, with the convenience of not having to leave Adobe Camera Raw. This is done on Adobe Creative Cloud 2017, Photoshop CS6, using the Visualize Spots feature of the Spot Removal tool, and the Automask Feature of the Adjustment Brush.